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Diabetes is not a deadly condition if treated the right way. If ignored, however, it can cause various complications that can eventually lead to an early demise. Some of the issues that can be caused by diabetes are blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage, which can lead to loss of limbs. With the help of the skilled nurses at Trusted Home Health you can avoid all of these complications and lead a healthy life through insulin therapy.

Trusted Home Health at Denver, Colorado provides assistance from skilled nurses to those who need daily help in dealing with diabetes. All symptoms and complications that diabetes can produce can be controlled if you are in the hands of professionals. Professionalism is the first thing you will notice at our agency. Our staff is trained in leading patients through their daily routines and assisting them however needed.

Insulin Therapy in Denver, CO
Insulin Therapy in Colorado

A central fact of life for every patient with diabetes is monitoring glucose levels. In most cases, patients require insulin therapy, and while they can learn to inject insulin themselves, being in the hands of a professional is a better option. The nurses at Trusted Home Health are trained in monitoring glucose levels, administering insulin injections to regulate blood sugar, and, ultimately, teaching patients to do all things by themselves, if they prefer so.

By having our skilled nurses by your side, you guarantee yourself a stress-free life with diabetes. In addition to administrating insulin, our staff will also work on attaining it from the pharmacy if you’re not able to do this yourself.

You can get help from our skilled nurses at our facility at Denver, Colorado at your home, or at an assisted living facility. They are available daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the patient’s needs. Furthermore, they are trained to do much more for patients than merely focusing on diabetes. Among other things, our staff can:

  • Communicate with doctors regarding the treatment that’s best for patients
  • Monitor and manage blood sugar levels
  • Educate family members on diabetes
  • Assist patients and family members with diet plans and nutrition
  • Provide comfort and support for patients and their families
Insulin Therapy in Denver

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