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Controlling Infections
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Trusted Home Health puts a lot of attention to home health infection prevention, surveillance, and control. Our goal is that everyone understands risk and ways to control infections, and above all, how to prevent them.

Educated Caregivers

Home health caregivers from Trusted Home Health are well-educated and experienced. They have adopted control practices and are trained on infection control principles. Training consists of learning how to evaluate the risk of infections and developing and implementing strategies for their prevention. If an infection occurs, caregivers will take steps to control it.

Infection prevention and control in Denver, CO
Infection prevention and control in Colorado

Educating Patients

It is also important that patients learn what the potential risks of infections are. During care, our caregivers teach their clients ways of prevention. To avoid unnecessary issues, caregivers remind every patient about do’s and don’ts every once in a while. This way, the prevention efforts will always be on top of their mind.

Focusing on Higher Risk Areas

To effectively control infections, Trusted Home Health emphasizes higher risk practices. Home health infection prevention focuses on wound care, infusion therapy, respiratory care, and urinary tract care. If we don’t pay attention to these areas during a care process, a patient could easily get an infection. Therefore, our caregivers have specialized training to safely deliver these types of care.

Infections Associated with Equipment

Wound care, infusion care, urinary tract care, etc. require using certain supplies, devices, and equipment. It is essential to learn how to properly use these to minimize the risk of infection. To decrease the risk, both caregiver and patient use hand hygiene products and protective equipment.

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