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Exercise can be a great activity for aging adults by benefiting in ways such as supporting heart health, lowering joint pain, preserving muscle strength and flexibility, enhancing immune system functions, and aiding in mental clarity. With multiple studies showing the benefit of exercise for aging adults, it is imperative to follow guidelines and health tips in order to avoid serious injuries. Trusted Home Health is here to guide aging adults in the Denver, Colorado area with plans to maintain and increase physical health by providing physical therapy and health tips for seniors. Trusted Home Health is bringing compassion and support into the lives of individuals and families in need of quality home care in Denver, Colorado. It is our goal to help our clients live their healthiest and best lives.

Recommended health tips for aging adults and seniors interested in exercise:

Doctor Approval

Doctor approval is the most important step for aging adults interested in exercise. Doctors will assess if the aging adult is physically capable of an exercise routine as well as suggest specific exercises they may or may not want to stay away from.

Always Stretch First

Although this may seem obvious to most, not stretching before and after a workout can cause injuries to anyone at any age. It is extremely important for aging adults to properly stretch before and after any form of exercise. The following stretches are suggested for aging adults:
– Calf Stretches
– Hamstring Stretches
– Overheard side stretches
– Shoulder rolls and/or stretches

Change Up the Exercise Routine

Anyone at any age should add variety into their exercise routine, this is especially true for aging adults. When an aging adult spends too much time on one exercise or one muscle group there is an increased risk of strains, sprains, and other injuries that occur due to repetitive motion.

Stay Hydrated

Some studies have shown that one hour of exercise could result in a loss of 15 liters of water. Proper hydration is especially critical for aging adults because lacking sufficient hydration can lead to confusion, dizziness, and other negative reactions. The best way for aging adults to stay hydrated is to always have a reusable water bottle handy when working out.

Have an Exercise Partner

Having an exercise partner aids in an added peace of mind for the aging adult as well as the family of them. Whether the partner is a caregiver or trusted friend, they can help by pointing out potential problems and ensuring proper technique, while also providing support and encouragement.

Always Cool Down

A cool-down period after any amount of exercise for aging adults is important because it allows the body to securely go from a period of constant movement to a less active state. A recommended cool down routine may include:
– 2-3 minutes of easy cardio, like walking
– Gentle arm lifts and extensions
– Handclaps overhead or behind the back

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